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Top 10 Most Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors!

Wedding Philippines - Top 10 Most Flattering Bridesmaids Dress Colors

Choosing bridesmaids dresses that your friends actually like can be challenging, and the color plays a big part in whether or not they’ll like the dress. The dresses should complement your wedding color scheme and look in fashion. Hoping to find a dress that will look most flattering on everyone? Today I’m breaking down the top 10 most flattering bridesmaid dress colors. So let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading

Weddings by Color | Shades of Plum + Gold

Happy mid-week lovelies! I hope all is very well with you. Lately, I’ve really been attracted to shades of pretty plum and lavender. It’s such an intense color and it really goes well with antique gold. Continue reading

Weddings by Color ¦ Radiant Orchid

Hello lovelies! Today is I’m featuring another color trend and I think this one might be my favorite. Radiant Orchid has been described as a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip and I have to say it certainly is stunning. I love all shades of purple and I can see this as a main accent color and can easily be combined with silver for a really dazzling style or even grey for a more subdued style.

Just in case you missed last few color boards across our website here are the links: Dazzling Blue, Placid Blue, Paloma, Hemlock, Violet Tulip, and Cayenne.

Weddings by Color ¦ Violet Tulip

Violet Tulip is a romantic, vintage purple. It reminds me of whimsical summer days and calming scents in the air. Here are some lovely design ideas to reflect the sweetness of Violet Tulip – A violet tulip dress theme? Gorgeous! Speaking of florals – imagine your bouquet! I am thinking lavender, orchid, or lilac!

If you’re sentimental and a true romantic-at-heart, let Violet Tulip do wonders for your wedding!

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