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Tara Keely Fall 2015 Bridal Collection


A modern bride at its finest, Tara Keely’s Fall 2015 Wedding Dress Collection for JLM Couture embodies fashion-forward style. Inspired by feminine silhouettes and soft alluring fabrics, this collection features wedding dresses with a mix of detailed laces, lush tulle, and accents of shimmering sparkle. Continue reading

Sophia Tolli Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Designer Wedding Dresses from 2016

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some gorgeous wedding dresses from Sophia Tolli, a bridal designer from Australia. From chic-romantic pieces to sexy silhouettes that highlight every feminine curve oh-so-glamorously, the Sophia Tolli Spring 2016 Bridal Collection is a luxurious parade of show-stopping wedding dresses that for sure will take your breath away and ensure a WOW from your groom. Continue reading

Kisui OUI 2016 Bridal Collection

Wedding Philippines - Kisui OUI 2016 Bridal Wedding Dress Collection (1)-faye

Berlin-based kisui recently launched their 2016 Kusui OUI Bridal Collection that features a line of bridal dresses with a touch of vintage chic and casual bohemian. From satin fabrics to carefully selected French laces, the gowns are comfortably light and soft. This collection is perfect for the romantic, free-spirited bride. Continue reading

Saja Wedding 2016 Bridal Collection

Wedding Philippines - Saja Wedding 2016 Bridal Collection (1)

From vintage-inspired details to complimentary drop waists and cap sleeves, the Saja Wedding 2016 Bridal Collection is all about making your dreams come true with each and every piece. Designer Yoo Lee weaved her love for history into the gowns in her new collection, by infusing them with intricate Baroque and Art Deco elements. Continue reading

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