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11 Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Etsy

I just love a simple colored or ruffled cake topped perfectly with a unique cake topper that is inspired by the couple. Long gone are the formal bride and groom statuettes or the traditional flowers gracing the top of the wedding cake. Cake toppers are so cute, quirky and fun these days especially with all the customization available and the wide array of options.


Let them Eat Cake! or Not ¦ Wedding Cake Alternatives

Photo via The Manor House of Brides
Cookie Wedding Cake ¦ Photo via The Manor House of Brides

While I love seeing grandiose displays of tiered wedding cakes, there are times you need to change things up a bit. Let’s just get wild and crazy with wedding desserts. The traditional and classic wedding cake definitely has its place, but we’re loving the trend of alternative cakes. They’re fun, they’re delicious and they are a great way to showcase your couple personality and story. Let’s do this! Here are some sweet alternatives to the wedding cake. (more…)

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