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Weddings by Color: Shades of Cranberry + Brown + Gold

Wedding Philippines - Weddings by Color - Cranberry Gold Brown Wedding Ideas 01

This cranberry, brown and gold wedding inspiration really looks rich and luxurious! This palette reminds me of a late autumn wedding. In my trips abroad, I have come to personally love the changing colors of fall and what a perfect color motif these colors make for an elegant holiday wedding. Continue reading

Weddings by Color: Shades of Coral + Green + Gold

Wedding Philippines - Weddings by Color Motif - Shades of Coral Gold Green Wedding Ideas

Today, I’m excited to share with you this perfectly romantic palette which features one of my personal all-time favorite color – coral. It’s something pretty, something fun, something elegant. It’s a great match with a dash of green and gold. Continue reading

Weddings by Color| Shades of Copper + Teal

Wedding Philippines - Weddings by Color - Copper Teal Wedding Ideas 01

Bronze and copper tones are everywhere right now. The warm glow is beautiful on its own, but it’s even more lovely when you pair it with the natural shades of teal and turquoise. Elegant, sophisticated, and pretty, this combination of colors that really exude a regal richness that’s simply perfect for setting the tone for a gorgeous affair. Continue reading

Weddings by Color | Shades of Indigo Blue, White + Beige

Wedding Philippines - Weddings by Color - Indigo Blue Wedding Ideas

Today, you’ll have some fresh WP inspiration to kick off the day – a combination of rustic beach and watercolor wedding styles, in a gorgeous combination of dark and lighter indigo blues and soft neutrals. Enjoy! Continue reading

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