Tara Keely Fall 2015 Bridal Collection


A modern bride at its finest, Tara Keely’s Fall 2015 Wedding Dress Collection for JLM Couture embodies fashion-forward style. Inspired by feminine silhouettes and soft alluring fabrics, this collection features wedding dresses with a mix of detailed laces, lush tulle, and accents of shimmering sparkle. Continue reading

Weddings by Color | Snorkel Blue

Wedding Philippines - Weddings by Color - Snorkel Blue 01

Blue is a popular and beloved wedding color. This shade of blue “Snorkel Blue” plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. The name alone implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape, yet striking especially when paired with elegant gold tones. Continue reading

Gorgeous Single Bloom Bouquets


A smart bride’s secret to having a stunning look that is cost-effective: One Flower Bridal Bouquets aka bouquets and arrangements made with just one type of flower. This bouquet style is super chic and pretty, not to mention a great way to make sure your bouquet doesn’t blow your budget. Continue reading

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