Gorgeous Single Bloom Bouquets


A smart bride’s secret to having a stunning look that is cost-effective: One Flower Bridal Bouquets aka bouquets and arrangements made with just one type of flower. This bouquet style is super chic and pretty, not to mention a great way to make sure your bouquet doesn’t blow your budget. (more…)

6 Ways to Do Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Philippines - Top 6 Ways to Wear Bridesmaid Dresses - Same Co lor, Different Shades, Different Styles (1)

Choosing bridesmaid dresses are a crucial yet stressful part of every wedding. Instead of stressing out about finding one dress and shade that will magically fit everyone, why not let them all look a little different with mismatched bridesmaid dresses?! It’s easy to fall in love with the look of mismatched (also known as coordinated but not exactly the same) bridesmaid dresses, but pulling it off can be a challenge as well.  (more…)

19 Elegant Laser Cut Wedding Shoes

Wedding Philippines - 19 Elegant Laser Cut Wedding Shoes and Sandals (1)I absolutely love these laser cut wedding shoes! The designs are achieved using a special computerized laser cutter. Lasers typically burn away shapes in the material being used, anything from paper to fabric. The result is a sharp, precise and extremely intricate design which could not be achieved manually. Metallic details and fabulously lacy patterns on shoes like these ensure that these will be a hit even after you say ‘I Do’. (more…)

16 Enchanting Embroidered Wedding Invitations

Wedding Philippines - 16 Enchanting Embroidered Wedding Invitations (1)

I think that embroidered wedding invitations are just as pretty as they sound. Very feminine and bit whimsical. These would be ideal for vintage-themed weddings or retro weddings. Either way, I’m sure that you guests will be impressed to receive something like this. (more…)

31 Fun and Colorful Drip Wedding Cakes

Wedding Philippines - 31 Fun and Colorful Drip Wedding Cakes (27)

Today, we take a look at something sweet and that is all about the fun! Color drip wedding cakes have been making a big statement in weddings at the moment. It’s a fun and funky approach to traditional style wedding cakes. (more…)

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