With every wedding I’ve been to, I’ve always regarded the wedding vows as the highlight in the wedding rites. It’s a very romantic moment when the couple expresses their feelings towards each other with a combination of loving words, funny promises and inside jokes. They are often original, unique, funny and poetic because, as cliche as this may sound, wedding vows have come from the heart.

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One of the most memorable wedding vows I’ve heard (or actually read) to date was during the 2003 wedding Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola. I would like to share this with all of you and hope you’ll be inspired to write your own personal vows.

Tintin to Julius…

“My ever-dearest Julius, the moment we have been waiting for has finally come-and with it, so many memories. Remember when you asked me, ‘When are we going to give our love a chance?’
“Back then, I had so many questions and fears-but you took all those fears away! And because of your love, I learned to trust.
“You said you saw a future with me. But I knew in my heart that this wasn’t just about the future, it was about forever.
“And that Forever, I saw in you. Because we are soulmates!
“We both knew it that afternoon when we danced to our song. The love we felt for each other was so strong that we found ourselves in tears. And our souls became one.
“Julius, I love you so much, and I will spend the rest of my life with you-seeing the world, going on many journeys together.
“There is nothing I want more than to grow old with you, and spend the last breath of my life with you beside me.
“When all else is taken away from me, I will find comfort in the thought that I have you to love. I may not have all the things I dream of, but I have love, I have you.
“I love you, Julius. Thank you for loving me.”

Julius to Tintin

“Dearest Tintin, I am so happy! At last, there is no longer you and I, but us.
“I always knew we would end up together, although the road wasn’t always smooth. But I only remember the good times-the best times of my life!
“I am marrying you, Tintin, because I refuse to end those moments. And I know that we will have more wonderful moments, not only as a couple, but also as a family. I commit myself to you in the presence of our families, friends, and most of all, the Lord Almighty.
“I love you because you make me laugh. You also make me cry-but because of the kindness of your heart, your selflessness, and your eagerness to help those who are in need. And this trait I want our children to have.
“But most of all, I love you because you are here with me, on the most special day of our lives. I pray that our Father will continue to guide our relationship.
“The Lord has showered me with the best gifts that anyone could get. But you are the greatest of them all-by far. Tintin, I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to share my life with you!”

Article Source: Julius and Tintin share touching wedding vows by Nestor Torre published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on January 10, 2004

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