I’m really loving these fuchsia ideas! Somehow this bright, vibrant, and cheery hue manages to come across as both fun and romantic. There is just so much you can do with this color. Fuchsia adds a feminine touch to weddings, without being too girly. It’s extremely versatile and allows you to do so much! Everything from flowers, linens to shoes, and especially dresses, look incredible in fuchsia. It can be complimented with a dark color, such as navy blue or charcoal grey or paired with bold yellow to make it pop!

Weddings by Color ¦ Shades of Fuchsia
Top Row: Shoes & Wedding Rings // Rose Petals; Middle Row: Bride, Bridesmaids & Bouquet // Bridesmaids; Bottom Row: Cake // Table Setting

So are there any other fuchsia lovers out there? Next post, I’ll be celebrating another one of my favorite colors! So check back in to see more!

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