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Wedding Philippines Guide to Wedding Dresses (Part 1 of 2)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - A line Skirt

I’ve been wanting to start a series of Wedding Philippines Guide for all you soon-to-be-brides. It’s going to teach you all the wedding lingo you need to communicate effectively with your lovely suppliers. Since this is about the time that many of you will be making your wedding dress choice soon, I thought today would be good to talk about just that. Here on WP, feel free to look at these particularly breathtaking dresses– so excited to be sharing it with you today! (more…)

Planning 3: Photography and Video

Photo by Brent Van Auken Photography
Photo by Brent Van Auken Photography

Once you’ve gotten your wedding details in place (your date and location), you need to look at choosing the people who will capture your wedding – the photographer and videographer for your wedding in the Philippines. (more…)

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