Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - A line Skirt

I’ve been wanting to start a series of Wedding Philippines Guide for all you soon-to-be-brides. It’s going to teach you all the wedding lingo you need to communicate effectively with your lovely suppliers. Since this is about the time that many of you will be making your wedding dress choice soon, I thought today would be good to talk about just that. Here on WP, feel free to look at these particularly breathtaking dresses– so excited to be sharing it with you today!

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - A line SkirtAn A-line dress is one of the most enduring and flattering styles. It’s a silhouette that is narrower at the top and flaring gently wider toward the bottom resembling the letter A. The princess cut is the most dramatic variation of the A-line dress. This style works well on most figure types and good for disguising bottom-heavy figures.

Photo: Essence of Australia (left); Dressily Me (right)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Sheath Column Silhouette Style Skirt

Sheath wedding dresses (or column dresses) have a form-fitting silhouette with no tapered waistline. They are designed in such way that the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. They are meant to flatter and streamline the bride’s body. This silhouette is great for figured brides as it instantly hugs the body and reveal the natural curves. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is known for wearing sheath dresses.

Photo: Marchesa Fall 2013 Bridal Collection (left): Claire Pettibone Spring 2013 Bridal Collection (right)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Ballgown Silhouette Style SkirtIf the dress of your dreams is both romantic and traditional, choose a ballgown wedding dress. This style consists of a structured bodice that flares to a full, rustling skirt in this style. Ball gown wedding dresses look terrific on brides with full figures. Oh so elegantly feminine, don’t you think?

Photo: Ines di Santo Spring 2012 Bridal Collection (left): Vera Wang 2013 Fall Bridal Collection (right)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Mermaid Trumpet Silhouette Style SkirtThis style has been designed with the inspiration from a mythical sea beauty – the mermaid. It has a fitted bodice that stays fitted to just above the knee, when it flares into a dramatic train. Also called a trumpet dress. Simply perfect for women who want to highlight their mid-section part of the body. A mermaid dress is also recommended for plus size and pregnant women as it brings out a curvy effect to make the bride look prettier and sexier.

Photo: Modern Trousseau Spring 2013 Bridal Collection (left); Christos Spring 2013 Bridal Collection (right)


Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Natural Waistline Style Skirt

A natural waistline is at the narrowest part of the body between the ribs and the hips. This waistline is great for those who have a natural hourglass figure. Those who are apple-shaped (the waist is wider than the hips) should avoid this waistline; it will only accentuate the thickness of the waist.

Photo: Allure Bridals Fall 2013 Collection (left); Allure Bridals Fall 2012 Collection (right)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Dropped Waistline Style Skirt

A dropped waistline dips below natural waistline and sits more on hips. Because it usually falls near the level of the upper hips, it balances the upper and lower bodies and creates the allusion of a lengthened torso and makes your body appear longer and leaner.

Photo: Kathy Ireland for Mon Cheri Spring 2013 Bridal Collection (left); David Tutera for Mon Cheri Spring 2012 Bridal Collection (right)

Wedding Philippines - Guide to Wedding Dress Terminology - Empire Waistline Style Skirt

An empire cut is a raised waistline that is three to five inches above the natural waistline or starting as high as just under bust. This waistline works well for full figures, wide hips, thick waist or belly by allowing the skirt to camouflage lower body flaws. It gives the illusion of added height, so it looks great on anyone who is short. It also helps those who are flat-chested appear fuller. Though, those who have a large chest may want to avoid this waistline because of its tendency to draw the eyes up to the bust.

Photo: Colet 2015 Bridal Collection (left); Jesus Peiro 2015 Wedding Dresses (right)

Well, I think this wedding dictionary of term will do for the moment. Stay tuned for Part II of our wedding dress guide on necklines and sleeves!

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