Have you been dreaming of a wedding with images of majestic mountains or saying your vows on pristine sandy beaches, but you’re not sure if you should go ahead and do it? Read on for some ideas for making the most of an outdoor setting for your wedding.

Photo by JayJay Lucas Photography
Photo by JayJay Lucas Photography

The outdoors opens up many unique and creative wedding ideas – from private pool parties to romantic garden affairs. Outdoor weddings are so stunning because you are incorporating natural beauty into the design of your wedding. But, as gorgeous as your wedding venues are, there is a lot of work and coordination needed to plan an outdoor wedding. Here’s a guide to planning your outdoor weeding.

1. Scale and Budget
A common misconception is that outdoor weddings are expensive. In fact, like indoor weddings, the actual cost of everything can be adjusted according to budget. You just have to consider how much you’d like to spend, taking into account the important outdoor essentials like logistics, photography, catering, sound system and decorations. This is also the time to decide if you’d like to hire a wedding planner to coordinate everything for you.

2. Always have a Plan B.
When planning an outdoor wedding in the Philipppines, having a contingency plan while organising an outdoor wedding is crucial. If you haven’t chosen your venue, look for a beautiful reception that offers both the outdoor and indoor locations just in case. Having a tent is another option, but only for light to moderate rain storms. Make sure the tent you rent is sturdy and has thick and weighted sides so it won’t flip over.

3. Keep in mind your guests’ needs.
Not all of your guests will be sun-worshippers, so when you’re making up your guest list, consider if any of them will have unique needs. The elderly will need to be comfortably seated, while the children should probably not be exposed to too much sun. Do check if the outdoor venue is handicapped-friendly as well.

4. Time and Temperature
The heat and/or humidity in the Philippines can be a little too much to bear so pick a date and time where the temperature does not leave your guests melting in the sun. If you’re worried that the event may be too warm for some, you can always ask for cooler fans to be installed. You can also consider having your ushers give ice-cold bottles of water or wedding programs on a fan so that guests may cool themselves. That way, your guests can enjoy the celebrations in a comfortable outdoor environment.

5. Keep the bugs and insects away.
Be sure to put out citronella candles or a bug zapper so that your guests won’t spend the whole ceremony swatting at the air.

6. Food and Drinks
Make sure your caterer has experience planning an outdoor wedding menu because this means they know they should prepare foods that keep well in the heat. Also, alcoholic drinks can be dehydrating so offer your guests a selection of refreshing, cooling choices like iced teas and fruit punches.

7. Transportation
If you’re holding your wedding in a relatively remote area, consider whether your guests might need transportation. Not everyone has a car, so it’d be good idea to arrange for shuttle buses. Your guests will definitely appreciate the gesture.

8. Give your guests a head’s up.
Last, but not least, please be sure to tell your wedding guests that they will be attending an outdoor wedding.  Many guests will want to coordinate their attire accordingly.

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