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16 Unique Centerpiece Ideas for your Reception Tables

A beautiful centerpiece always grabs the attention to a glorious wedding dinner table. Are you tired of the usual flower and candle centerpieces? Centerpieces are often an appreciated work of art so it’s never a bad thing to go the extra length to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Enjoy the lovely decors below and I’d love to know which one of these wedding centerpiece ideas is your favorite!

1. Fold ’em like Origami

Wedding Philippines - Unique Centerpiece Ideas for your Wedding Reception Tables - Origami Paper Crane Decor
Hanging Origami Paper Cranes Centerpiece


Photos as Wedding Decor

Are you a sentimental type of couple? Incorporate your emotional side by using meaningful photos for your wedding decor to share your story with your wedding guests. You may have photos you want to display at your wedding, but are struggling with how to display them. Here are some great ideas for your pictures! (more…)

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